A well-chosen sunscreen is the best anti-aging treatment you can give to yourself.

🧴 FACE CREAMS Jul 18, 2021

Do you know that we should use sunscreen all year round, every day, and at all ages? And it is the best treatment for your skin you can ever give it

Spending time in the sun is great, whether it's walking on the beach, working in the garden or playing sports, and a wonderful form of providing yourself with Vitamin D. Still, we must also remember that the sun's rays are harmful to us, they can lead to permanent skin discoloration and even skin cancer.
Probably not only once you experienced pores clogging, heaviness, white marks on the skin, and acne breakouts after sun protection. We are familiar with it and totally feel you. That's why we decided to create the innovative natural, non-chemical sunscreen! It's good to choose with awareness nonchemical sunscreen because when the UV cream get absorbs into our skin, it can directly impact our health. For example, there is particular concern about oxybenzone, an ingredient commonly used in certain types of sunscreens. When this ingredient gets absorbed into the human body, it can pass through the placental barrier and end up in a mother’s breast milk. It can also disrupt hormone levels for both men and women. So it can have an enormous impact on our overall health.
Our cream Sun Elixir is a 100% natural, vegan sunscreen but not only!
It also has additional effects as preventing skin discoloration, protect the natural lipid coat of the skin, deep moisturizing, and increases elasticity. The hyaluronic acid in the Sun Elixir soothes, refreshes, and deeply hydrates the skin, e.g., after sun exposure. The cream also has a high content of vitamin E, which improves rough and damaged skin. And strengthens it, therefore, slows down the aging process.
Then why should we react to our skin condition when it is already too late, and we are forced to use much more expensive and invasive treatment? Let's prevent! On our website www.Groot.eco you can find the full list of ingredients in English what the cream contain so no more misunderstandings



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