What to look for when choosing a Face Cream

🧴 FACE CREAMS Apr 05, 2021

It is not easy to choose the right cosmetics for our face. We are bombarded with many brands all around, and it can often trigger us to follow the latest trends, fragrances, or the intense marketing of the producer. In this post, I will discuss what to consider while choosing your skin care products, ingredients you should avoid, and I will present a study showing how many substances penetrate deep into us through the skin.
In 2012 there was conducts study for substances that penetrate our body through the skin. In the 85% of nursing women who have been tested, they have detected a UV product in the milk which came from the women, and they were using it for their babies. It can be shocking, but that’s why we should be aware of how important it is to use natural skincare. We put many cosmetics on our body, face and hair, so be careful with cosmetics that contain parabens. That substance preserves the cream. That’s why many brands use it to expand the expiry date. Many brands also very often use formaldehyde, silicons, and UV chemical protective substances. Those chemical filters permeating the endocrine potential, which means that they have an impact on hormonal changes.
Also, pay attention to the naturalness of the cream. In fact, a good product should be 98% natural or more. Because manufacturers often say that the product is 70% natural, but actually 70% of its water by itself. And the remaining 30% are unnatural ingredients. So keep in mind those factors while choosing your skincare.
Our brand philosophy has a radical approach to skincare. We always use 100% natural solutions. We don’t use synthetic materials and never test our products on animals. Natural is a saver! And remember healthy lifestyle means take care of yourself also through using natural products.


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