Take care of yourself from inside and out

🥗 HEALTHY-HABITS Feb 24, 2021

Someone who follows my personal life on social media has already probably noticed that I'm passionate about drinking celery juice. And I do it consistently already for quite a while, and I've seen tremendous benefits with my immune system, mood, and skin condition. That's why I've decided to share it with you.
Every morning I drink one whole celery among leaves without adding anything else. I don’t consume anything at least 30 minutes afterward to allow all the properties to absorb fully. Usually, everything that occurs on our skin has a root inside us. So we need to detoxify our liver and organs because all the toxins we accumulate from pollution, food, cosmetics show up on our skin. So the combination of inner care and applying 100% natural face skin products is crucial. So if you want to start juicing celery properly, the first thing you have to keep in mind is not adding anything additional to it. Any lemon, ginger, apple- anything, even if it is tempting. Because it will lose its healing properties, I recommend drinking in it on an empty stomach because your body needs the power to travel and heal what it needs to heal. The celery needs to go to the liver and other organs and clean the body. And be consistent with it because your body needs time to get the most from it.


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