How does fasting helps with acne and slow down the aging process?

🥗 HEALTHY-HABITS Feb 26, 2021

It can be quite a controversial topic for some of you, so let me start from the beginning. Our skin is a smart organs which shows everything what's happening inside us. When the internal organs reached critical level of toxification. Primarily the skin is experiencing acne, eczema, and other skin issues from the overwhelmed intestine. So the system tries to purge the toxins out through the skin. But by fasting, your body can remove those unwanted toxins, clean your organs and therefore clean your skin.

But fasting it's not only good to detoxify the body, which will lead to spots-free skin, but it is also excellent for slowing the aging process because when you allow a break for your digestive system, your body will be able to use all energy on renewing and replenishing the cells. So the cells stop multiplying themselves but concentrate on the renovation and nurturing of the cells we already have. What will reflect fresher and younger-looking skin. Apart from those two earlier mentioned skin benefits, fasting has a long list of general well-being benefits.

Now you probably question yourself, how should I start, and how long should I keep the fasting state for?
An average person takes from 10-12 h of fasting state to start cleansing the liver; that’s why it is so important to keep it at least for 16-18 hours for actual results. I would recommend starting at 16:8. So you consume food in the 8 hours slot and then 16 hours, we give the rest to our digestive system.
But still, it’s essential when you try to do intermittent fasting to improve your skin, you should keep in mind that during the 8 hours when you consume the food, you shouldn’t necessarily restrict yourself the amount of the food you eat but more important is to focus what you are eating. Try to go as pure as possible, not processed food, try to avoid also fat and sugar. The best options would be smoothies, homemade soups, steamed vegetables, steamed meat. During the fasting, you can drink black coffee with no sugar,  raw, celery juice, and a massive amount of water to help flash out everything ( around 3l per day )

Through this little lifestyle change and using toxins-free skincare, you will see how the skin issues improve themselves!


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